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Prague to support local Smart Prague projects. City districts will receive nearly 12 million crowns from the city coffers.

2/11/2020  Prague City Council has agreed to allocate nearly 12 million crowns to support Smart Prague projects carried out by individual city districts. These range from a virtual power station to an interactive map of greenery.

City of Prague plans to reform municipal asset management and administration of municipally owned corporations

2/4/2020 Prague leaders are planning to overhaul the city’s asset management policy. Changes will affect real property ownership as well as administration of the city’s stakes in municipally owned corporations.

Capital city seeks tenants for lucrative non-residential premises. Bidders to be judged by completely new rules. 

2/3/2020 Prague City Hall has called first tenders for the lease of municipally owned non-residential premises under new terms.

Petřín chapel has been completely refurbished

1/16/2020 The City of Prague has restored the Chapel of St. Cross on Petřín Hill. The chapel located near the view tower had been heavily damaged by leaking water.

Plans to reshape InterContinental Hotel in Prague and its vicinity revealed to the public

1/15/2020 One of the most visible construction projects in Prague in the coming years will include a refurbishment of the iconic InterContinental Hotel and a major makeover its vicinity.

Construction of approx. 5,000 apartments started in Prague in 2019. The city plans to intensify support for new housing construction project

1/15/2020 Construction sector data for the first eleven months of 2019 just released by the Czech Statistical Office (CSO) show that construction of 4,969 apartments in new residential houses started in Prague in that period.

Prague makes another step towards new development on Štvanice Island

1/13/2020 Prague City Council has approved an intent to carry out a public contract for “Utilization and development of Štvanice Island”.

Motol Valley to reshape as City Councilors approve new development vision

1/13/2020 On 13 Janaury 2020, Prague City Councilors approved a new vision for the Motol Brook valley. A study authored by architects from the A69 Studio explores new spatial and functional options and integration with the city while respecting the specific area.

Prague wins ownership dispute over real property in Celetná Street after a nine-year lawsuit

12/15/2019 The City of Prague has won a legal battle with the Arts and Theatre Institute. The parties argued about ownership rights to properties in Celetná Street, one of which hosts Divadlo v Celetné theatre.

A modern public transport terminal to be erected in Smíchov.

11/19/2019 A modern public transport terminal to be erected in Smíchov. Passengers can look forward to easier transfers and a more enjoyable experience outside the station.