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Prague will conclude a cooperation agreement to ensure the next stage of the overall reconstruction and expansion of the Central Wastewater

2/5/2024 The Prague City Council approved the conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement with the Prague Water Management Company a.s. regarding the construction of the Inflow Labyrinth - Left Bank,

Kobka 1 at Smíchovská náplavka is looking for a new tenant. Interested parties can take part in the selection process

2/2/2024 After a long time, the opportunity to operate its business in a unique location near the Vltava riverbank is once again on offer.

Prague can no longer bid for the building of the Czech Post in Jindřišská Street under the current conditions

1/29/2024 The City of Prague has familiarised itself in detail with the conditions of the tender procedure of Česká pošta, s.p. for the sale of real estate in the Jindřišská and Moravská areas in Prague.

The Museum of 20th Century Memory enters its fifth year of existence with the reconstruction of the House of the Pheasants

1/24/2024 In the second half of January 2024, the long-prepared transformation of the House of the Passion on the border of the New World and Hradčany into the headquarters of the Museum of the Memory of the XXth Century will begin.

Construction work is starting on Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. New trees or a rainwater catchment tank will be added

1/24/2024 Jiřího z Poděbrad Square has been partially fenced off and the first preparatory work has begun.

Prague has selected a new operator of Čapadla Hollar in a tender procedure, who will take over the space from March this year

1/23/2024 The attractive space and popular leisure location on the banks of the Vltava River, which offers a range of cultural and recreational activities, will be operated by a new tenant from March 2024.

Prague is looking for the best use of the Karlín Kasárna

1/22/2024 The capital city sees the future of the Karlín Kasárna in a combined use for the functions of an edu facility, a science and technology park, a cultural and social centre, urban housing for university students, a centre for innovative companies etc.

Prague already owns the Karlín Kasárna, the change of ownership is confirmed in the Land Registry

1/18/2024 Today, a property exchange between the capital city and the Czech Republic was registered in the Land Registry, in which Prague acquired the building of the Karlin Kasárna,

The capital continues to build chargers for electric vehicles from public lighting lamps

1/16/2024 Prague city councillors have approved investments of almost CZK 220 million for the modernisation of public lighting in the e-mobility project for this year.

The Mayor in Radotín and Lochkov: planned centre, new footbridge and kindergarten under construction

1/12/2024 Mayor of the capital city. Bohuslav Svoboda of Prague visited Radotín and Lochkov, where, accompanied by the local mayors, he inspected newly completed, under construction and planned projects.