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Earth Hour in Prague: Ten monuments turn dark.

3/25/2020 March 28, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., Prague city center went dark. Joining the global Earth Hour initiative, Prague had its technical services company,

Lesser Town Square revitalization reaches final stage.

3/23/2020 Prague City Council has approved a budget for refurbishment of Lesser Town Square. The city has allocated 73.5 million crowns for the construction works.

Despite the state of emergency, Prague's technical services company makes sure that streetlights work properly.

3/20/2020 The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed everyday life in the city. However, street lighting must work, as does the power grid or medical services.

Important information - City of Prague will not require tenants to pay default interest for the duration of the health crisis

3/16/2020 HMP The resolution does not apply to entities that have been engaged in a property-related lawsuit with the City of Prague (see more details in the Documents section on this page).

Prague considers postponement of rent payments for entrepreneurs

3/14/2020 The City of Prague is responding to the current restrictions and government regulations due to the coronavirus outbreak that have had a major impact on entrepreneurs and small businesses in Prague.

Prague seeks an effective and cost-efficient street lighting solution

3/9/2020 The City Council decided to commission a new “Prague Street Lighting Concept” in June last year and the City Hall’s Asset Management Department started working on it in autumn.

Prague to support local Smart Prague projects. City districts will receive nearly 12 million crowns from the city coffers.

2/11/2020  Prague City Council has agreed to allocate nearly 12 million crowns to support Smart Prague projects carried out by individual city districts. These range from a virtual power station to an interactive map of greenery.

City of Prague plans to reform municipal asset management and administration of municipally owned corporations

2/4/2020 Prague leaders are planning to overhaul the city’s asset management policy. Changes will affect real property ownership as well as administration of the city’s stakes in municipally owned corporations.

Capital city seeks tenants for lucrative non-residential premises. Bidders to be judged by completely new rules. 

2/3/2020 Prague City Hall has called first tenders for the lease of municipally owned non-residential premises under new terms.

Petřín chapel has been completely refurbished

1/16/2020 The City of Prague has restored the Chapel of St. Cross on Petřín Hill. The chapel located near the view tower had been heavily damaged by leaking water.