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Prague City Assembly approves property swaps with the state. Prague has an opportunity to save the Karlín Barracks

4/27/2023 At its session on Thursday, the Prague City Assembly agreed to a swap of real estate between the capital city and the Czech Republic as previously approved by the City Council.

Prague City Council discussed this year’s first changes to the zoning plan and draft contribution agreements

4/18/2023 At its session on Monday, Prague City Council discussed this year’s first batch of zoning plan amendments. The changes were presented by Deputy Mayor Petr Hlaváček. The Council will continue discussing the amendments at monthly intervals.

Prague will exchange property in the Bulovka hospital complex for state-owned Karlín Barracks

4/17/2023 At its today’s session, the Prague City Council agreed to a large-scale swap of real estate between the capital city and the Czech Republic, approving the respective agreement between the two parties.

Prague will contribute 24 million crowns to a conversion of the Municipal Spa in Žižkov to the House of Dance

4/17/2023 Prague Councilors have approved a financial contribution to Prague 3 district administration to build the House of Dance by converting the decaying building of the former Municipal Spa in Žižkov.

Štvanice footbridge is about to be completed, should be ready before summer

4/13/2023 The construction of a footbridge connecting Holešovice with Karlín via the island of Štvanice has reached the final stage.

Prague obtains zoning permit to build Smíchov Terminal

4/6/2023 Preparations of the construction of a new transport terminal at Smíchov railway station in Prague 5 reach an important milestone.

Prague councilors recommend that the city sell unused property in Spa Toušeň. The sale is expected to bring CZK 32 million to the city coffe

4/5/2023 At its session on Monday, the Prague City Council recommended the sale of a built-up plot of land in the Central Bohemian town of Lázně Toušeň.

Prague approves the construction of a new primary school in Dolní Počernice and an apartment building in Jinonice

4/4/2023 At its session on Monday, the Prague City Council approved the launch of preparations of two investment projects.

People donate almost two million crowns to restore the burnt-out Church of St. Michael

4/4/2023 The Church of St. Michael the Archangel in the Kinsky Garden in Prague 5, which burned down more than two years ago, may be restored. More than 1.9 million crowns have been raised for this purpose in a public collection.

Prague will not seek 150 million CZK from the Railway Administration for a lease of land for the construction of a railway line

4/3/2023 At its meeting on Monday, Prague City Councilors approved a borrowing agreement with the Railway Administration to facilitate modernization of the railway line between Bubny and the Exhibition Grounds.