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Prague seeks to resolve housing crisis. The first Affordable Cooperative Housing project is ready for approval by Prague City Assembly.

5/30/2022 In cooperation with the Prague 5 district, the capital city has completed preparations for the first Affordable Cooperative Housing (ACH) project.

Works resume to complete construction of Malovanka traffic control center

5/25/2022 Representatives of the City of Prague and the contractor today carried out an on-site inspection of the construction of the Multifunctional Operations Centre Malovanka.

Prague to buy 35 flats in Prague 3 to expand its housing stock

5/24/2022 Prague City Council agreed to purchase 35 flats from the company Správa zbytkového majetku městské části Praha 3, a.s., which manages Prague 3 district’s property.

Prague gives a go-ahead to preparations of another rental apartment building project to be located in Nové Dvory

5/24/2022 At its session on Monday, the Prague City Council approved the next phase of preparations of a rental housing project that should expand the city’s housing stock by approximately 45 new homes.

Prague to rent municipal flats to Charlotta Masaryk Children’s Home and DUHA organization

5/24/2022 Prague City Council approved the lease of one flat to the Centre for Family and Child Services and Charlotta Masaryk Children’s Home and three flats to the DUHA organization.