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Zahradní město Senior Home refurbished

6/19/2018 Senior citizens have been able to move back to the newly refurbished Zahradní Město Senior Home. The City of Prague, or its Asset Management Department as the investor, has refurbished the facility’s buildings A, B, C and construction of new pavilion F.

Further help to the homeless

6/7/2018 The City of Prague is planning to connect ships Hermes I and Hermes II to water, sewage and electricity lines and to install lighting for safer access.

Prague to save on street lighting

5/31/2018 At the beginning of March, the City of Prague started implementing a project called “Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Improvement in Capital Prague”. The project is coordinated by the city administration’s Asset Management Department.

City of Prague protects its assets

5/3/2018 The Municipality of Prague has succeeded in an auction for a plot of land the in Ruzyně cadastral unit (parc. No. 2178/17), on which a pavement owned by the Municipality is located.

New Start House

5/3/2018 The Prague 11 district is planning a new project called “New Start House”. “The aim of the project is to build small-area apartments to provide a housing option to a large group of people, from young families with small children to handicap people.

Prague administration launches a real estate portal to further improve transparency

5/3/2018 Prague city administration has launched a new website where it will regularly post all city-owned real estates being offered for sale or rent.