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Prague to launch new municipal housing construction projects. A public tender for the construction of apartments in Černý Most district

3/22/2021 Prague City Council discussed a proposed public tender for the construction of two residential buildings in Černý Most district.

Prague lets Prague Symphony Orchestra take care of Sts. Simon and Jude Church

3/8/2021 The church located in Prague’s Old Town, which enjoys protection as a historic monument, will continue to serve cultural purposes.

A new slalom channel and a water park to emerge at Vltava river

3/8/2021 Prague City Council approved a purchase of a plot of land in Troja district to build a new Prague Water Sports Park The park will serve both professional athletes and the public.

Prague to keep rents flat in its commercial properties for this year

3/1/2021 At its session on Monday, Prague City Council agreed not to increase rents in non-residential properties in 2021.

Prague received 22,500 street lighting failure reports last year. Citizens increasingly use Prague Shines mobile app for this purpose

2/19/2021 The operations center of Prague’s Municipal Technology Company (THMP) received 22,500 reports of malfunction, failure or other types of incidents concerning the city’s technical infrastructure last year.

A high-profile Exchange building on the premises of the Prague Market is to be refurbished

2/18/2021 Prague City Council approved a plan to refurbish Hall No. 4 at the Prague Market in Holešovice district.

Prague to select a company to manage built-in facilities in the arches of Negrelli Viaduct. Quality and content to be the primary factors

2/17/2021 Prague is planning to build a new rest zone under Negrelli Viaduct in Karlín district in the coming years.

State-owned Stírka swimming pool to remain open to the public. The facility is to be excluded from a planned auction upon Prague’s request

2/15/2021 Earlier this year, the government was planning to sell Stírka swimming pool in Prague 8 in an auction.

Prague introduces a new study for Žižkov Freight Station. Citizens to have a say in its final shape 

2/10/2021 The former Žižkov Freight Station is one of the most significant brownfields in the wider Prague city center. The city envisages a modern urban district there with flats, shops, a school and parks.

Rent hikes in municipal flats will not apply to vulnerable tenants

1/15/2021 Prague Councilors have agreed not to increase the rent for current tenants in municipal flats.