Prague will launch a public tender for the construction of the Smíchov Terminal

Prague will launch a public tender for the construction of the Smíchov Terminal


The Prague City Council has approved the intention to implement a public contract for the construction works of the Smíchov Railway Station Terminal and has also decided to launch a tender procedure once the statutory conditions have been met and the intention has been approved by the City Council. Prague. The appointment of the commission was also approved. The aim of the project is to build a modern railway and metro station, a tram and bus stop and a high-capacity P+R car park in one place.

The subject of the public contract called Terminal Smíchovské nádraží; construction works is the execution of complex construction and implementation activities based on the project documentation.

There are still two large public transport terminals in the Smíchov area - Smíchovské nádraží and Na Knížecí. The capital city has therefore decided to build one large Smíchov Terminal, which will effectively connect all modes of transport in one place.

The new Smíchov Terminal will include a railway station for suburban and long-distance rail transport, a metro station or a stop for tram, urban and suburban bus, trolleybus and electric bus lines. In addition, there will be facilities for long-distance bus transport and a capacity P+R car park.

The solution for the Smíchov Terminal includes the construction of a capacity P+R west of the railway station, while the bus terminal for long-distance and regional transport will be located above the railway station platforms. There are also plans to redevelop the existing pre-railway space in Nádražní Street, to add terminal facilities and service equipment, including bus stops.

Cooperation on the project is continuing with all relevant entities of the capital city, such as the Technical Administration of Communications of the capital city. Prague, the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague, the Road Infrastructure Authority of the Capital City of Prague and the Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague. Prague, ROPID or the Prague 5 Municipal District, but also with external partners, including the Railway Administration and the Sekyra Group.