The Štvanice footbridge boasts the title of Building of the Year 2023

The Štvanice footbridge boasts the title of Building of the Year 2023


The Štvanice footbridge connecting the Prague districts of Holešovice and Karlín with the Štvanice island has been awarded the title of Building of the Year 2023. The jury appreciated both the architectural and urbanistic value of the footbridge in the centre of Prague and its unique technological solution. The construction, whose investor is the capital city, has been serving its inhabitants since this July.

The Štvanická footbridge in Prague, together with the Family Care Pavilion at Pelhřimov Hospital and the Kapka multifunctional sports hall in Vsetín, won the prestigious title of Building of the Year 2023 in this year's 31st annual competition of the Foundation for the Development of Architecture and Construction. The awards were presented on Friday 24 November at a gala evening in Prague's Rudolfinum.

The footbridge, which began construction in January 2022 and was handed over for use in July 2023, represents a simple pedestrian and cyclist link between the Prague 7 and Prague 8 districts, with direct access from the footbridge also to the Štvanice island. The three hundred metre long structure made of white ultra-high-grade concrete with an anti-graffiti coating is unusual in its curvature. Its width is four metres, and three metres at the ramp to Štvanice Island. The bridge is illuminated by LED strips hidden in the handrail, so there is no unnecessary light smog. Interestingly, the end of the handrail on the Karlin side is in the form of horses, on the Holešovice side in the form of bulls, and the Štvanice island is decorated with rabbits.