Prague to buy land for a new primary school in the Jahodnice housing estate in Hostavice

Prague to buy land for a new primary school in the Jahodnice housing estate in Hostavice


The Prague City Council has approved the purchase of land in Hostavice on which a new primary school will be built. This will help solve the long-standing problem of insufficient capacity of primary schools in Prague 14.

The City of Prague will buy the land with an area of 7,102 square metres from UNIMEX GROUP for CZK 47.3 million. The area is adjacent to another plot of land owned by the City of Prague and administered by the Prague 14 Municipal District, on which a new kindergarten was opened in U Hostavického potoka Street in 2017 with the financial support of the City of Prague and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic.

"A new elementary school will be built on the purchased land, which will help solve the long-term problem of insufficient capacity of elementary schools in Prague 14," says Adam Zábranský, Prague 14 councillor for property, transparency and legislation.

"It is extremely important that Prague has sufficient land for the construction of new educational institutions. According to demographic data, there is an increase in the number of pupils at all levels of the education system throughout Prague and it is necessary to respond to this situation in advance. I believe that in the future we will be able to acquire more land and real estate in the places where it is most needed," says Antonín Klecanda, Councillor for Education, Sport and Leisure.

"The purchase of the land in Hostavice, where a new primary school is to be built, is further proof that the city's leadership takes the problem of school capacity at all levels seriously. Thanks to all those who participated in this transaction," adds the Mayor of the capital city. Bohuslav Svoboda.

Prague 14 has a total of six elementary schools whose main capacities are concentrated in the housing estate where the highest concentration of inhabitants was at the time of its establishment. In contrast, the growth of new housing developments in Jahodnice and Hutě did not include new school capacities. For example, in the Chvaletická catchment primary school, there was such an interest in enrolment in the first classes that children had to be placed by lot. From the next school year, a new first class will open there, which will be complemented by a new branch of the Šimanovská Primary School in Baštýřská Street for dozens of children.