Articles chronologically

New Councillor Jan Chabr to manage municipal assets 

11/26/2018 Jan Chabr has been elected City Councillor in charge of Prague’s municipal assets. His professional experience spans both private and public-sector real asset management.

Prague lends alternative venues to support cultural events and projects

10/22/2018 Prague is the Czech Republic’s centre of cultural life which the City Administration supports in many ways, not just financially.

More city districts show interest in the Real Estate Portal

10/15/2018 The Real Estate Portal of the City of Prague has been running successfully for half a year. We have also been able to answer various inquiries regarding the properties on offer.

Prague to build eight new apartment houses at Černý Most

9/28/2018 At the end of September, the foundation stone was laid for eight new four- and five-storey apartment houses at Černý Most. The construction of 182 new city-owned flats is to be completed by 2022 and the total cost is expected to reach 840 million CZK incl

New flats and jobs for Prague

9/20/2018 For the first time ever, the City of Prague has made revitalisation of brownfields a priority. The City Council has tasked the City Planning and Development Institute with drawing up a methodology to foster conceptual and faster transformation of abandone

Na Bulovce Hospital campus to undergo much needed renovatio

8/25/2018 The Na Bulovce university hospital campus and all the pavilions are planned to undergo renovation for which the City of Prague allocated funds in its 2018 budget.

Prague to renovate city churches

7/11/2018 The City of Prague has allocated funds in its 2018 budget for a project to renovate city churches.

Zahradní město Senior Home refurbished

6/19/2018 Senior citizens have been able to move back to the newly refurbished Zahradní Město Senior Home. The City of Prague, or its Asset Management Department as the investor, has refurbished the facility’s buildings A, B, C and construction of new pavilion F.

Further help to the homeless

6/7/2018 The City of Prague is planning to connect ships Hermes I and Hermes II to water, sewage and electricity lines and to install lighting for safer access.

Prague to save on street lighting

5/31/2018 At the beginning of March, the City of Prague started implementing a project called “Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Improvement in Capital Prague”. The project is coordinated by the city administration’s Asset Management Department.