A new slalom channel and a water park to emerge at Vltava river

A new slalom channel and a water park to emerge at Vltava river


Prague City Council approved a purchase of a plot of land in Troja district to build a new Prague Water Sports Park The park will serve both professional athletes and the public. The city will pay the current owners a total of 541 thousand crowns for the property.

“The acquisition is part of our effort to create a contiguous plot of land to build a leisure and water sports park. The coronavirus crisis should not halt the city’s strategic development projects where many Prague citizens will be able to spend their leisure time,” says City Councilor Jan Chabr who is responsible for municipal asset management.

Prague will acquire a free plot of land near the existing water sports channel on the right bank of Vltava river in Troja district. The piece of land is needed for the planned construction of the Prague Water Sports Park. The construction will be completed in two stages: the first one will see the construction of a new water slalom channel, the other will include primarily landscaping works to create a park around.

The Prague Water Sports Park is the result of long efforts to find a meaningful purpose for this partly neglected area between the river and the flood wall in Troja district. The aim of the project is to create new opportunities for sports and leisure activities for Prague citizens in this area.