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City granted building permit for the Industrial Palace, plans to rebuild it

8/14/2019 Ten years after a devastating fire, Prague has now been granted a building permit to rebuild the left wing of the Industrial Palace and a complete refurbishment of the right wing and the central hall.

Prague plans to build outdoor leisure and sports facility on Vidoule Hill

7/31/2019 Prague is expected to acquire the remaining key plots of land on Vidoule in the coming months to build an outdoor leisure and sports facility. The city will exchange the land for other parcels in Vysočany, Stodůlku, and Střížkov districts.

Agreement signed with landowners at Krč Hospital. This paves the way for underground line D construction

7/17/2019 Prague city representatives and Petr Witowski, Board Chairman and CEO of the Prague Public Transport Authority (DPP), signed an agreement in July following up from the Initial Framework Agreement on coordinated approach to the construction of 1D undergrou

The city has commissioned an analysis of its property managed by third parties

6/27/2019 At its today's session, the Prague City Council has taken note of an analysis of municipal property management provided by third parties.

City Hall starts coordinating housing availability initiatives of city districts

6/26/2019 Representatives of city districts have met with their city administration counterparts to jointly tackle a housing availability crisis.

More land to Prague's hands

6/18/2019 Prague City Hall has won an auction for plots of land in the Žižkov district. These include attractive plots in a developed part of the city, creating a single functional space with access from a public road.

Focus on Prague's commercial boulevard. City Wall Promenade to link and refine the stretch from Národní to Revoluční Street

5/6/2019 Prague councilors tasked the Prague Planning and Development Institute with developing a City Wall Promenade concept. This should include a systematic revival of the streets copying the line of the former Old Town walls.

Would you like to know about upcoming construction activities around the city?

4/24/2019 The “Prague Tomorrow?” online portal at presents upcoming construction projects in Prague.

Refurbishment of Charles Square continues A detailed management plan to be drawn up for the square

4/23/2019 Prague Councilors have approved another step to transform Charles Square. The design will be subject to minor adjustments, a project committee will be established, and a comprehensive management plan for the square is being drawn up.

Prague discloses asset management results on a new online portal

4/12/2019 Prague city administration launched a new Asset Information Portal (AIP) at www.majetkovyportalpraha.czlast Thursday to improve the transparency of the city's asset management.