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Prague makes another step towards its own housing construction initiatives. Newly defined parameters allow drafting of specific projects

5/24/2021 Prague, which has long been suffering from a lack of financially accessible housing, has approved investor guidelines for housing construction that defines parameters and conditions for the preparation of municipal rental housing projects.

Prague parks to be illuminated with intelligent lamps. New technology will automatically report failures and communicate with the control ce

5/12/2021 Six parks around Prague have been fitted with smart lighting that can adjust the intensity and communicate remotely with a control center.

Construction permit issued for HolKa footbridge between Holešovice and Karlín districts. Construction expected to start at the end of summer

5/8/2021 The construction permit for HolKa footbridge has come into force and effect.

Technical services companies THMP and TSK sign a memorandum on cooperation in maintenance of traffic lights in Prague

5/7/2021 Prague’s own technical services companies Prague Municipal Technologies (THMP) and Technical Road Administration (TSK) have signed a memorandum on cooperation.

Revoluční Street to become a new boulevard with cobbled surface, new trees, benches, and wider pavements

5/5/2021 Prague’s Revoluční Street is to be completely redesigned. Prague City Council has amended its previous resolution and made changes in some of the parameters and processes associated with the street’s redesign.

Prague makes another step to improve accessibility of housing, approves Municipal Home Rental Agency concept

5/3/2021 After more than six months of preparations, the Prague City Council has approved a concept for the Municipal Home Rental Agency (MNA).

Prague to provide a subsidy for the construction of a new residential building and for the refurbishment of apartments in some districts

4/17/2021 Prague will allocate more funds from the Accessible Housing Fund for new refurbishment projects.

Prague introduces new categorization of streets for a new Street Lighting Concept

4/15/2021 Less than two years ago, in June 2019, Prague Councilors approved the creation of the first-ever long-term concept for street lighting in the city.

Prague intends to acquire former cemetery in Bohnice from the state, Prague 8 district will maintain it

4/14/2021 Prague City Council approved a request by Prague 8 district to acquire a former cemetery in Bohnice from the state without a financial consideration.

Prague to hand over an abandoned building in Písnice to the local authority to build a new primary school

4/13/2021 Prague City Council agreed to transfer the building of the former Vocational School of Food Technology in Písnice to the hands of the local authority in Prague – Libuš district.