Articles chronologically

Prague to provide a subsidy for the construction of a new residential building and for the refurbishment of apartments in some districts

4/17/2021 Prague will allocate more funds from the Accessible Housing Fund for new refurbishment projects.

Prague introduces new categorization of streets for a new Street Lighting Concept

4/15/2021 Less than two years ago, in June 2019, Prague Councilors approved the creation of the first-ever long-term concept for street lighting in the city.

Prague intends to acquire former cemetery in Bohnice from the state, Prague 8 district will maintain it

4/14/2021 Prague City Council approved a request by Prague 8 district to acquire a former cemetery in Bohnice from the state without a financial consideration.

Prague to hand over an abandoned building in Písnice to the local authority to build a new primary school

4/13/2021 Prague City Council agreed to transfer the building of the former Vocational School of Food Technology in Písnice to the hands of the local authority in Prague – Libuš district.

Prague has a plan to improve the housing situation. The city aims to build 9,000 flats a year and to own 35,000 municipal flats by 2030

4/12/2021 The Prague Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) has drawn up a new housing development plan.

Entrepreneurs residing in city-owned premises have until the end of May to apply for a discount on the rent

4/9/2021 Entrepreneurs who rent commercial premises from the City of Prague may apply for a discount on the rent by filling in an online application form which is available on Prague’s Real Estate Portal website.

Vltava riverbank promenade to connect Rohan Park, Rokytka River and Troja Valley

3/23/2021 Prague city councilors have tasked the Prague Institute of Planning and Development with drawing up a design study for the so-called Vltava Riverbank Promenade.

Prague to launch new municipal housing construction projects. A public tender for the construction of apartments in Černý Most district

3/22/2021 Prague City Council discussed a proposed public tender for the construction of two residential buildings in Černý Most district.

Prague lets Prague Symphony Orchestra take care of Sts. Simon and Jude Church

3/8/2021 The church located in Prague’s Old Town, which enjoys protection as a historic monument, will continue to serve cultural purposes.

A new slalom channel and a water park to emerge at Vltava river

3/8/2021 Prague City Council approved a purchase of a plot of land in Troja district to build a new Prague Water Sports Park The park will serve both professional athletes and the public.