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Would you like to know about upcoming construction activities around the city?

4/24/2019 The “Prague Tomorrow?” online portal at presents upcoming construction projects in Prague.

Refurbishment of Charles Square continues A detailed management plan to be drawn up for the square

4/23/2019 Prague Councilors have approved another step to transform Charles Square. The design will be subject to minor adjustments, a project committee will be established, and a comprehensive management plan for the square is being drawn up.

Prague discloses asset management results on a new online portal

4/12/2019 Prague city administration launched a new Asset Information Portal (AIP) at www.majetkovyportalpraha.czlast Thursday to improve the transparency of the city's asset management.

Prague wins the prestigious Red Dot award for the best design. The jury appreciates street furniture.

3/26/2019 The City of Prague has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the design of public litter bins. The bins are part of a comprehensive set of street furniture.

Prague's municipal property online: Prague to launch another property overview tool in April

3/15/2019 Prague City Hall is planning to introduce another tool to support transparent management of municipal property, which is one of the key commitments of Councilor Jan Chabr.

City of Prague's victory in court – Holešovice Marketplace to start returning to Prague citizens

3/11/2019 The City of Prague has prevailed in a lawsuit with Delta center, a. s. before the Prague 7 District Court.

Prague's Real Estate Portal has significantly expanded its offer and launched a Facebook page

3/6/2019 The Real Estate Portal has been joined by a total of 11 city districts, which has significantly increased the offer of municipal property for sale.

Prague to support development of Vltava river quays, Councillor Chabr envisages more events ther

2/1/2019 City of Prague is planning to continue refurbishing Vltava river quays. Jan Chabr, a member of the Prague City Council responsible for municipal asset management, would like to provide greater support to public events that would attract families.

Prague City Council approves an expeditious identification of plots of land suitable for housing construction

1/28/2019 Prague City Council has tasked the Prague Municipal Planning and Development Institute (IPR) with drawing up two documents over the next six months regarding new housing construction.

Prague Center without “matryoshka” vendors and overpriced exchange offices

1/21/2019 Councillor Jan Chabr is drawing up a motion for the Prague City Council to terminate contracts with certain shops in the city centre that he believes damage Prague’s good reputation.