Prague seeks an effective and cost-efficient street lighting solution

Prague seeks an effective and cost-efficient street lighting solution


The City Council decided to commission a new “Prague Street Lighting Concept” in June last year and the City Hall’s Asset Management Department started working on it in autumn. The concept should cover planning, design, and implementation of repairs, maintenance, refurbishment, and modernization of street lighting in the capital city.

“We consider street lighting as a key element of the public space in the city. The project to improve street lighting and make it more efficient will deliver a wide range of benefits, including financial effects, improved road safety, and better dimming capabilities to reduce light pollution, a negative phenomenon that has been widely discussed in recent years. We will pay special attention to the historic core of the city and to architectural lighting of selected monuments,” says City Councilor Jan Chabr.

The document will be drawn up by a team of contractors (including architecture, lighting, traffic, safety, environment, and research experts) in collaboration with Technologie hlavního města Prahy, a.s., a company responsible for Prague city lighting management. Another key stakeholder involved in the project is the Prague Institute of Planning and Development.

“This is going to be a policy document that Prague has lacked. It should define architectural, urban design, technical, financial, environmental, traffic, and safety parameters of the street lighting system, ensure continuous and comprehensive refurbishment and modernization, and unified design and delivery contracting in this segment,” adds Councilor Jan Chabr.


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