Construction is underway in Prague! The capital city expects to start construction of public projects worth tens of billions this year

Construction is underway in Prague! The capital city expects to start construction of public projects worth tens of billions this year


The capital city is expecting a record number of public construction works this year. In addition to the city, the state is also participating as an investor in more than a dozen projects in the field of transport infrastructure or public space. The total investment costs of individual projects will reach almost CZK 50 billion.

European Union Space Programme Agency (EUSPA)

The rescue of the unfinished torso of the Prague 8 Town Hall and its transformation into a European Space Research Centre will contribute to the development of the site. It will bring new jobs to the capital and interest from international technology companies.

Start of construction: summer/autumn 2024
Planned completion: 2025
Investor: City of Prague
Investment costs: approx. CZK 2.5 billion
Wenceslas Square

The revitalisation of the centre of the Prague Conservation Area has been planned since 2005, and the plan has been supplemented by a new tram line that will significantly strengthen Prague's tram network. New tree plantings will be added to the square and space for pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be expanded.

Completion of construction - lower part: 2023
Start of construction - upper part: 2024
Completion of construction - upper part: 2026
Investor. Transport Authority of Prague
Investment costs - upper part: CZK 1.2 billion
Jiřího z Poděbrad Square

The comprehensive revitalisation of the square, which has been neglected for many years despite its popularity, will bring new tree plantings, resilient greenery, a rainwater management system, an extension of the church forecourt and improvements to pedestrian links.

Start of construction: January 2024
Planned completion: 2027
Investment cost: 478 million CZK. 477 CZK including VAT
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The complete reconstruction of the viaduct by the Railway Administration is followed by the project of glazing the first of the arches, which is another step towards the revitalisation of the bridge and the whole area. The impact of the test operation on the condition of the cultural monument will be monitored by the capital city in cooperation with the conservationists. The results of the measurements will serve as a basis for obtaining a building permit for the revitalisation of the remaining arches. The future glazed arches would then be used for long-term commercial and creative leases, as well as short-term leases for start-ups.

Masaryk Station

In addition to the reconstruction, extension and necessary modernisation of the platforms, the completion of the station will also provide better connections to the city. A platform will be created above the track and platform area, which will significantly increase the permeability of the site.

Start of construction: February 2024
Completion of construction: 2027
Investor: Railway Administration
Investment costs: CZK 3.4 billion
Smíchov Terminal

Smíchov railway station will be transformed into a modern transport terminal for urban, suburban and regional transport. The Railway Administration has started the first stage of the reconstruction of platforms, and the related urban construction will start next year.

Start of construction: February 2024
Construction completion: 2030
Investment costs: Prague: CZK 8 billion, Railway Administration: CZK 4.9 billion
Metro D

The new Prague metro line is a key infrastructure construction and one of the largest transport projects that will affect the life of the capital city in the coming decades. The new 10.6 km long line will connect a total of ten stations. The Pankrác - Olbrachtova section is being built during the first stage, which is currently underway.

Start date: 2022
Completion - Phase 1: Autumn 2029
Investment costs: CZK 14 billion
Investor. Prague
Bubny railway station and railway line

During the last few months, the construction of the future railway station including the railway line from Praha-Bubny station to Praha-Výstaviště station has continued. The project will be complemented in the future by construction on the adjacent brownfield and the construction of the Vltava Philharmonic. In view of this, an underpass under the Negreli viaduct is also being built for the future tram relocation.

Prague Ring Road 511

The section located between Běchovice and D1 belongs to the motorway network, so its construction is the role of the state. The capital contributes to the landscaping of the surroundings, which will allow the construction to fit naturally into the landscape and not form a barrier. The 12.6 km-long section will include 2 tunnels, 4 grade-separated junctions, 5 bridges and 2 footbridges for pedestrians and cyclists.

Opening: end 2024
Completion: 2027
Investment cost: CZK 15.7 billion
Investor: Road and Motorway Directorate
Libeň Bridge

During this year, the long-awaited reconstruction of the inundation bridge, which has been in a desolate condition, will begin. The project envisages the total replacement of the structure, but also the revitalisation of the surrounding area.

Start of construction: 2024
Completion: 2025
Investment cost: CZK 2.2 billion
Dvorecký Most

The construction of the Dvorecký Bridge has moved on significantly since the foundation of its piers and during 2024 we will see how it will connect the two banks. This will be followed by work to complete the bridge deck and technology. The bridge not only provides a much-needed link between Podolí and Smíchov, but also increases the potential of the planned tangential connections of the tram network. In addition to the transport function itself, the bridge will also offer a newly designed public space on both bridgeheads. A cultural and recreational facility will be created on the Podolí side.

Completion: 2025
Investment cost: CZK 1.075 billion
Barrandov Bridge

Barrandov Bridge will be reconstructed ahead of schedule. One of the busiest bridges in the Czech Republic is entering the final phase of repairs.2024
Investment cost: CZK 0.75 billion


Article: IPR Praha