Preparation of the planned Nové Dvory district reaches a major milestone, the approved amendment to the zoning plan opens the door

Preparation of the planned Nové Dvory district reaches a major milestone, the approved amendment to the zoning plan opens the door


The realisation of a new urban district called Nové Dvory on the border of Prague 4 and Prague 12 is a significant step closer to its creation. After four years of intensive work, the Council and the City Council of the capital city of Prague have approved the new development. The amendment to the zoning plan has been approved, allowing for a significant increase in the building capacity of the local urban land around the future Nové Dvory D metro station. As a result, this transformational area of 30 hectares can be used for the construction of up to 2,000 urban apartments and a multifunctional building above the metro station, which will offer space not only for housing, but also for office, retail and community purposes.

The zoning change, which will allow for the long-term use of the spatial, social and economic potential, will also significantly enhance the city's real estate assets. By a qualified estimate, the market value of urban land has increased by almost CZK 2 billion. Following this self-governing decision, the preparation of a new urban district, where up to 5,000 people will find a new home and which will offer up to 5,000 new jobs, will enter the next phase of intensive preparations.

According to the Unit architects' 2021 Zoning Study, which was discussed with the professional and lay public and which represents a social agreement on the development of the area, a new urban district with affordable rental housing and complete civic amenities is to be built in Nové Dvory.

The spatial study, which was prepared for the Department of Spatial Development of the Capital City Municipality of Prague. The study, prepared by UNIT architects for the Prague City Planning Department, looks at the development of the new part of the city in Nové Dvory in four aspects: social, economic, environmental and cultural.

Last but not least, the design of Nové Dvory includes a number of cultural and leisure spaces, including a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, a cultural centre, a sports hall and an outdoor playground. The restaurants and cafés that will be opened in the commercial part of the project will also be of considerable importance. Current and future residents will no longer have to commute frequently to other parts of Prague 4 (e.g. Pankrác) or directly to the city centre.

Information on the Nové Dvory zoning study from the contracting authority (UZR MHMP) is available on the Study Completed - Zoning Planning website, among other things the entire study is available for download here.