A playground will be built on municipal land in Košíříe

A playground will be built on municipal land in Košíříe


the Prague City Council approved the lease of a plot of land in Košíře for a certain period of time to a developer who will build an outdoor playground and sports field on the land as part of the second stage of the Top Residence Pomezí project. In other material, the councillors approved the lease of a non-residential space in Rytířská Street on the basis of a tender procedure, which will now house a shop selling craft and design products from Czech companies.
After the construction of the playground in Prague 5 by the developer, it is expected that the land and the playground will be entrusted to the municipal administration. This will create a public playground with private funds.

"The tender for the lease of the non-residential space at 12 Rytířská Street received 16 bids. I am glad that the interest in renting commercial space in the centre, which has been logically weak since the beginning of the covidu-19 pandemic, is gradually increasing, and that a project other than a bed and breakfast for tourists has succeeded," says Adam Zábranský, councillor for property, transparency and legislation.