Prague is looking for tenants for attractive commercial premises in the city center

Prague is looking for tenants for attractive commercial premises in the city center


The capital city continues with open tenders and is currently looking for tenants for several attractive non-residential premises in the historic center, including a restaurant in Karoliny Světlé Street and retail or office premises in Michalská Street. Those interested in renting some of the ten non-residential premises in the Old Town and New Town have more than a month to submit bids. Details can be found on Prague’s real estate portal. For the first time, the premises will also be offered through the real estate server

“Since the Covid pandemic, it has happened repeatedly that no one showed interest in lucrative non-residential premises for rent and the city-owned real estate remained vacant for a long period of time. In order to raise awareness of tenders for rental premises, we have decided to announce them for the first time not only on Prague’s own real estate portal and the official notice board, but also on the Sreality server, which entrepreneurs are familiar with. I believe that entrepreneurs will be interested in the leases and that we will eventually select good partners for the city in the open tenders,” says Adam Zábranský, City Councilor for property, transparency and legislation.

There is a minimum required amount of rent for the restaurant in Karoliny Světlé Street and the commercial and office space in Michalská Street. Non-residential premises accessible from the street may not serve as gambling houses, exchange offices, cannabis shops, nail studios, and other undesirable activities as defined in the tender conditions. In all cases, bidders are asked to pay a security to enter the tenders. The selection procedures are single round.

Other non-residential premises on offer are located in Železná, Na Florenci, and Rytířská streets, the latter two of which have been approved as fast-food establishments. There will be several opportunities for those interested to tour the premises in November.