Dvorce bridge construction: abutments and pillars completed

Dvorce bridge construction: abutments and pillars completed


The new bridge to connect Podolí and Zlíchov has deep piles, abutments, and pillars of the lower part of the structure completed. The construction of the Dvorce Bridge is accompanied by unexpected events due to complicated geological conditions. The new river crossing for public transport, cyclists and pedestrians is expected to open in November 2025.

Deep piles have been built on both banks and foundations built in all axes. Pillars P2 and P6 and abutment OP1 that are part of the lower construction are complete, too. Abutment OP7 and pillar P3 are ready for concreting. Deep piles on both P4 and P5 axes are finished, with a sump being constructed on the P4 axis. The construction of the new bridge also required a relocation of the Yellow Spa entrance gates and branching of the tram track and utility lines on Podolí Embankment, all of which has already been completed.

Bus lines 118, 196 and 197 will run across Dvorce Bridge. Lines 125 and 170 will carry on along their routes across the Barrandov Bridge. These, together with two tram lines, transport an estimated 50,000 people per day and significantly simplify travel between the two banks of the river.