Repairs of Vinohrady Theatre building proceed to next stage

Repairs of Vinohrady Theatre building proceed to next stage


Prague has taken another step towards a comprehensive renovation of the Vinohrady Theatre. The theater management had previously drawn up contracts that served as the basis for project documentation. All contractual rights and obligations related to project are to pass to the founder, i.e., the City of Prague, namely Prague City Hall’s Investment Department. Total investment is estimated at CZK 2.7 billion, including VAT. The goal is to open the renovated theater to the public by 2027.

The overhaul of the historic theatre building envisages a modernization of stage technology and an extension of underground premises to include a new a rehearsal hall, which will double as a secondary stage with a capacity of 150 to 200 spectators. The theater’s warehouses located in the building and in external premises in Korunní Street will also be refurbished.

The Vinohrady Theatre has not undergone any major refurbishment since its opening in 1907 and is now in a state of disrepair.