All views of Prague in one place.

All views of Prague in one place.


Did you know IPR had an app that will show you all corners? The Institute of Planning and Development (IPR) launched a new web app last year with a 3D model of Prague, which you can explore from a wide range of vantage points. View settings can be customized to your needs. This will make the application useful not only for designers and officials who will use it when assessing proposed changes, but also for the general public, who will have access to a continuously updated selection of the most important views of the city. 

Prague’s specific hilly terrain provides many outlooks. Some of the places are key for urban design, such as those providing characteristic views of the city. And it is these vistas that the new IPR Vantage Points web app offers. The web app with a 3D model viewer contains a total of 245 vantage points designed to examine construction projects from the relevant points of view.

The application can be accessed at: