New Councillor Jan Chabr to manage municipal assets 


Jan Chabr has been elected City Councillor in charge of Prague’s municipal assets. His professional experience spans both private and public-sector real asset management. In the previous election term, he served as a member of the local council in Prague 6 district where he focused primarily on asset management and drew up effective strategies for the management of the district’s property.

In his inaugural speech, he laid out his vision for transparent management of Prague’s municipal assets. “I believe Prague citizens have the right to know when their city owns. All citizens should have easy and unified access to selection procedures in real estate sales,” Jan Chabr said. “I am convinced that greater transparency will be a factor that will help us achieve higher revenues form municipal assets.” He is planning to continue evolving Prague’s Real Estate Portal and has called on city districts to join the portal to create a single, comprehensive offer accessible to all citizens.

He is also planning to move ahead with defining asset concepts for city-owned companies as well as for the city’s real estates. “I would like to set up working groups where all political parties in the City Assembly, including the opposition, would be represented,” says Jan Chabr.

Chabr is planning to improve dialogue with investors on their potential activities in Prague and to seek ways to offer them attractive opportunities and condition for their business with a focus on the development of the capital city and satisfaction of its citizens.

“My aim is an effective management of municipal assets. I am open to suggestions from all elected representatives and citizens. Prague’s property and associated revenues must serve the needs of Prague citizens,” Jan Chabr concluded.