Prague launches Municipal Rental Agency

Prague launches Municipal Rental Agency


The first step towards an official launch of the Municipal Rental Agency (MRA) has been a call for landlords. They can join the program by 1 July 2021 and offer their flats for rent through MRA. In the first round, the city is seeking 15 flats.

The municipal rental agency concept has been introduced in many cities across Europe in different formats. The capital city wants to give socially conscious landlords an opportunity to safely rent their flats to people in distress without the risks associated with finding tenants on their own.

Landlords can register at The call ends on Thursday, 1 July 2021.

Prague City Assembly made the first step to a pilot launch of the Municipal Rental Agency in April this year. Inspired by other cities across Europe, Prague can now start helping the most vulnerable families by offering accessible housing with private landlords who prefer stable partnership with a social dimension over potential higher revenues. The city will rent such flats to Prague citizens who find themselves in a difficult social situation and are forced to live in temporary shelters. The program is supported by the European Union