Prague lends alternative venues to support cultural events and projects


Prague is the Czech Republic’s centre of cultural life which the City Administration supports in many ways, not just financially. The administration supports major events by making available its real estates that are slated for refurbishment or are specific in some ways and therefore suitable only for special purposes. One of the most recent projects is a unique “Memory of the Nation” exhibition located in the former Stalin memorial at Letná. In addition to providing the venue, the City has donated 4.3 million CZK to support the exhibition.

Prague used to allow cultural events in other abandoned buildings that were waiting for refurbishment as well, for instance in the historic Kafka’s house which has hosted not only exhibitions of leading foreign artists but also event highly popular with Prague citizens, such as Designblok, Quadrienalle and ART Prague. The building has also become the home of GUD, the first gallery dedicated to children’s art. “We are extremely grateful to the City Administration for letting us use this venue to the benefit of children, albeit temporarily. The gallery has been visited by hundreds of thousands of children. It great that the city has put the place to a good use and supported a cultural project,” says KateĊ™ina Samková, the director of the gallery.

The Prague City Administration’s Asset Management Department has provided some of its other buildings before refurbishment as the venues of major events as well, including Town Hall Houses, Clam-Gallas Palace and a house in Cihelná Street to name but a few.