Mariánské Square to be redesigned. Prague Councilors approve its new design

Mariánské Square to be redesigned. Prague Councilors approve its new design


At its last session in December, Prague City Council approved a new design of Mariánské Square by Xtopix Architects. The redesign project includes nearby streets as well as Franz Kafka Square. The design, which was presented to citizens in September, is aligned with their desire for the square to become a place to rest and to hold cultural events. The redesign is expected to commence by 2022.

Mariánské Square is a key location hosting not only the Prague City Hall but also other institutions, such as the Municipal Library and the National Library. Xtopix Architects therefore came up with a design respecting the history as well as the spirit of the location. The square currently has a provisional status. Parking of cars was disallowed on the square last year, outdoor tables and chairs were placed there to liven up the space, and a statue of Humbleness has been installed recently, symbolizing admiration of the Klementinum building. However, the square requires a complete redesign, including a removal of unnecessary barriers.

The redesign will be accompanied by changes in local traffic. The square will prioritize pedestrian and cycling traffic but will allow for necessary passage of cars. The project envisages wider pavements and new pedestrian and residential zones. New pedestrian crossings will also be created in the area.

The construction stage is expected to commence before 2022. Before that, however, the city needs to select the general designer and supplier in public tenders.